Die Definitionen des HTML-Elements hr (Horizontal Rule) in den verschiedenen HTML-Versionen.

HTML-Version Definition Beispiel
HTML 2.0 (Draft)

Some sort of divider between sections of text such as a full width horizontal rule or equivalent graphic.

The horizontal rule is typically used for separating heading information (when more than just a heading) from content, etc.

<H1>The Albatross</H1>
<Address>The Bumstead Monthly, 1948</Address>
The following information is culled from
this and suvccessive issues of the magazine.
Thanks are due to the editor-in-chief,
A.R. Bunstead, for her help and advice.
<H2>Copyright IQR Inc.</h2>
This recording may not be sold, resold,
hired out, used, or talked about in too great
a depth without the publisher's written or
videotaped consent.
The Albatross, most fabled and infamous of ..
HTML 2.0

The <HR> element is a divider between sections of text; typically a full width horizontal rule or equivalent graphic.

<ADDRESS>February 8, 1995, CERN</ADDRESS>
HTML 3.0

The <HR> element is used for horizontal rules that act as dividers between sections.

HTML 3.2

Horizontal rules may be used to indicate a change in topic. In a speech based user agent, the rule could be rendered as a pause.

HTML 4.01 (identisch in HTML 4.0)

The HR element causes a horizontal rule to be rendered by visual user agents.

The amount of vertical space inserted between a rule and the content that surrounds it depends on the user agent.

HTML5 (Working Draft 29 March 2012)

The hr element represents a paragraph-level thematic break, e.g. a scene change in a story, or a transition to another topic within a section of a reference book.

 <p>There are various methods of communication. This section
 covers a few of the important ones used by the project.</p>
 <p>Communication stones seem to come in pairs and have mysterious
  <li>They can transfer thoughts in two directions once activated
  if used alone.</li>
  <li>If used with another device, they can transfer one's
  consciousness to another body.</li>
  <li>If both stones are used with another device, the
  consciousnesses switch bodies.</li>
 <p>Radios use the electromagnetic spectrum in the meter range and
 <p>Signal flares use the electromagnetic spectrum in the
 nanometer range.</p>
 <p>All food at the project is rationed:</p>
  <dd>Two per day</dd>
  <dd>One bowl per day</dd>
 <p>Cooking is done by the chefs on a set rotation.</p>